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Residential Developments

Aditus continues to expand its portfolio of one-off houses and small scale developments for developers of prestige homes with a focus on high-quality design in contemporary, traditional and vernacular styles. 

These projects tend to be long duration and it is rewarding to see schemes completing and finding their way into the market.  There is a notable premium attached to many of our designs and we are always happy to advise clients on how to focus the design for their projects onto efficient construction techniques and more commercially successful plan & building forms.  Depending on whether you are designing your home for life, or are keeping a keen eye on developing for profit, we can help with the more and less obvious decisions.


Clients include:

  • The Cove Estate
  • CPM Joinery and Building Limited
  • Lattimer Group
  • Netherby Estate
  • Solway Renovations Limited
  • The Staffield Estate
  • Tony Noble Builders and Decorators Limited

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